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Models / Agatha Delicious

Avg Rating: 4.6

Agatha Delicious Vital Stats:
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  125 lbs
Wrestling Name:  The Dragon
Wins:  3
Losses:  1
Home town:  Las Vegas

Agatha Delicious Updates

Agatha Delicious vs Tony Sting
Agatha Delicious, Tony Sting
158 Photos, 46 min of video
Tony Sting is back for redemption. He wants to make up for his last loss and he called out Agatha Delicious. Little did Tony know, Agatha has been training brazilian jiu jitsu consistently and she is ready to chokefuck guys and spit them out. This match is a battle. its back and forth action that goes the distance. The winner wins by 1 point. It's a bitter loss for the loser who gets lift and carried like a little bitch. Agatha ends up getting a hot load busted on her toes and she licks it up.

Tags: Cum On Feet Facesitting Footjob Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Penetration Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Agatha Delicious vs Cody Carter
Agatha Delicious, Cody Carter
149 Photos, 38 min of video
Today we get a rematch between the much improved Agatha Delicious and the undefeated Cody Carter. Agatha has taken training very seriously. She's improved greatly which we have seen on the lesbian edition where she won this year's MILF mini tournament and made it to the finales of the recently wrapped Fall Brawl Tournament. She's been taking guys down a peg left and right and today she wants redemption against Cody Carter. Cody refuses to lose. He will smother himself in ass and pussy just to score a point. This comes down to who wants it more and who is more horney. The winner grudge fucks the loser and takes their prize the way they want to.

Tags: Cum on Tits Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Muscle Worship Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Agatha Delicious vs Fuck Buck
Agatha Delicious, Fuck Buck
94 Photos, 43 min of video
Agatha Delicious has been climbing the ranks recently. She Won the lesbian MILF mini tournament and she's been ranked high enough to be in this year's Fall Brawl tournament on the lesbian edition site. Today she's taking on a twink wrestler. Mr. Fuck Buck wrestled in school and while he's fine being submissive he knows he's here for a competitive sex fight, So if Agatha wants to fuck his little butthole, she's going to need to beat him fair and square and he's gonna put up a fight. Buck does put Agatha into some trouble. He shows her he's not going down without a real fight. He gets on top and lets her know he has his own set of skills. This is a really fun power exchange between two skilled grapplers who want to impose their will on each other. The winner dominates the loser with butt fucking and muscle worship

Tags: Cum Eating Facesitting Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Agatha Delicious vs Cody Carter
Agatha Delicious, Cody Carter
15 Photos, 40 min of video
Cody Carter is still undefeated and very smug about it. Agatha Delicious has been training very hard at an MMA gym and she thinks she's just the girl to be able to finally put Cody in his place. Cody loves women. It's clear he just wants to lick and suck on them. He puts himself in dangerous predicaments while he dives into Agatha's pussy. These moves may work on a rookie but Agatha is a sexual gladiator and she will rip Cody's head off if he's careful. Both athletes are confident they will win which means one is made very humble at the end of the day. Loser is fucked against the wall and on the bench and then gets the winner's squirt cum at the end.

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum on Tits Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Squirting Tall Girl Winner Fucks Loser
Agatha Delicious vs Ruckus
Agatha Delicious, Ruckus
130 Photos, 50 min of video
HOLY SHIT! that's all that needs to be said but don't take my word for it. Watch this incredibly technical battle between two long, lean sexual gladiators. The sexual energy is palpable today. Both of these sex athletes are willing to do anything to win. There's a chess game in the rounds, Each wrestler gets a good position only to lose it. Going for sexual points sometimes has the wrestlers lose their position. This match is a tie at the end of round 3 and it goes to tie breaker. This tie breaker is intense, just when you think you know who is about to cum, you are surprised with twist. Winner makes the loser worship their body and please them

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Creampie Facesitting Humiliation Penetration Tall Girl Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Agatha Delicious vs Will Tile
Agatha Delicious, Will Tile
88 Photos, 50 min of video
Agatha Delicious is easily beating ladies on the lesbian site so now she wants to try her sex fight skills against a big strong man. She has called out Will Tile because she has seen how he has been in a lot of Tie Breaker situations and Agatha knows that the Tie breaker rounds are really the sex fight in which she can demonstrate her real sex fighting abilities. Well, Agatha gets her wish and she gets to test herself against Will once this match goes to the tie breaker round. These two use everything in their arsenal to seduce each other into cumming first. They use dirty talk, masturbation, fucking, Finally one of them explodes on the mat. The winner is honored that their opponent put up such a good fight but they still deserve to be fucked.

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum On Feet Humiliation Interracial Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Agatha Delicious vs David Lee
Agatha Delicious, David Lee
97 Photos, 45 min of video
Agatha Delicious has been destroying females on the lesbian wrestling site for years now. She feels that it is time to level up and destroy men. David Lee thinks it's hilarious that Agatha thinks she can handle him in a sex fight but he's willing to give her a shot. Right from the start we see some beautiful techniques and seduction. One wrestler take the lead and it's visible to see the spirit break on their opponent. One wrestler is just to sexual for the other. Winner makes the loser lick their asshole, worship their muscles and body. The winner is put in a head scissor and made to cum while the winner enjoys their prize

Tags: Ass Eating Choke Fucking Facesitting Hand Job Muscle Worship Penetration Reverse Head Scissors Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins


Wow, we now have a female wrestler who can win quite a few men! Just a bit disappointed that she didn’t do pegging on her first win to show her power! I don’t blame her because David is quite a lover!
Does Agatha peg? If so, more fights with little men, I know she’d dominate, but let us see her against a lesser opponent to realize how good she really is
Stats should be 3 wins and 3 losses