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Models / Vanessa Vega

Avg Rating: 4.7

Vanessa Vega Vital Stats:
Age:  26
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  115 lbs
Wrestling Name:  Taking Care Of Business
Wins:  4
Losses:  7
Home town:  Long Beach, CA

Vanessa Vega Updates

Vanessa Vega vs Fuck Buck
Fuck Buck, Vanessa Vega
110 Photos, 44 min of video
Vanessa Vega is taking care of business today. She called out Fuck Buck because he knows she can beat him and she has been dreaming of fucking man ass all day. Buck is a strong fit lad but he has a blessing that is his curse today. He is blessed with being able to cum multiple times in a short amount of time. Vanessa gets a lot of submissions on Buck which allows her 20 seconds of free use and in those penalty times, she gets very very very dangerously close to making Buck cum. In round 2 Buck can not resist anymore and the cum drips out of his dick. But orgasms on the mat are only instant victory in round 3. Buck has a beautiful strategy of getting his cum out of the way in round 2 so he can come back with full vigor in round 3 and make Vanessa cum for his instant victory. This is such an intense match. It's a nail-biter. The winner gets to fuck the loser in the ass and make the loser squirt cum on themselves in the end.

Tags: Facesitting Hand Job Orgasm on the Mat Pegging Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Vanessa Vega vs Pierce Paris
Pierce Paris, Vanessa Vega
146 Photos, 44 min of video
This is a highly entertaining Match. Vanessa is an angry sexually frustrated sex monster wanting to take out some aggression on a cocky Pierce Paris. Pierce hasn't won a match yet but he blames that on having only been paired with "really tough girls", I guess he hasn't watched Vanessa's matches yet. Pierce uses his ball sac to stretch over Vanessa's head for some smothering. Vanessa uses those stretchy balls and cock to yank Pierce around the mat. This is a fun, funny, sexy fight that goes to a tiebreaker. The first to cum loses. The winner fucks the loser until the winner cums. The winner makes the loser kiss the biceps before the loser is made to cum.

Tags: CBT Facesitting Humiliation Penetration Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Vanessa Vega vs Will Tile
Vanessa Vega, Will Tile
126 Photos, 50 min of video
Vanessa Vega is tenacious. She keeps coming at her opponents no matter what the strength, size or skill difference may be. Vanessa is a bonafide sex fighter. She knows how to score on our mats, she tugs and sucks cock whenever she can. She uses verbal trash talk to get into the mind of her opponent and throw them off their game. Today, her strategy works well against Will Tile. Will gets stuck with his dick in Vanessa's mouth for too long which makes the rounds tied up leading to a tie breaker. The first one to cum in the tiebreaker round gets to take their prize. The winner gives a good solid sport fucking to the loser.

Tags: Blow Jobs Facial Humiliation Interracial Male Wins Penetration Sex On The Mat Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Vanessa Vega vs Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis, Vanessa Vega
118 Photos, 43 min of video
Vanessa Vega has been taking care of business and today she wants to dethrone Oliver Davis. Oli is undefeated and Vanessa wants to show off her skill by making Oliver cum hard. These two leave everything on the mats, they both work so hard that they sweat and things get really slippery. Vanessa is tenacious with the dick grabbing, cock sucking and taunting. Oliver has the muscles and strength. This fight goes all the way to the end and the sexual athlete with the most heart gets the W. Winner is fucked hard against the wall and take the winner's squirt cum

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum on Tits Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Throatfuck Winner Fucks Loser
Vanessa Vega vs Landen Turner
Landen Turner, Vanessa Vega
82 Photos, 41 min of video
Every once in a while, a wrestler comes to the set and they suck so fucking bad that the winner doesn't even want to fuck them for a prize. In this match, the winner utterly dominates the loser, and makes them cum in round 3 with a choke hold and oral. The winner is so annoyed, so disgusted by the inability of their opponent that the winner refuses to fuck the loser, Fucking a loser of this proportion would be a reward and gift to the loser but this loser deserves NONE of that. The winner uses the loser for their pleasure, The winner face fucks the loser, puts the loser into painful holds while the winner rubs their genitals on them until the winner cums. In our humble opinion, Not getting fucked is the most humiliating thing that could happen on an evolved fights match. When the Winner wants nothing to do with you, you're done here.

Tags: Blow Jobs Body Scissors Cum In Mouth Facesitting Hand Job Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Orgasm on the Mat Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Vanessa Vega vs Marcelo
Marcelo, Vanessa Vega
120 Photos, 44 min of video
Marcelo comes here just to get fucked in the butt. We know this but what Marcelo just realized was if he wins, He gets to fuck how he wants and if that means he gets fucked in the butt by a beautiful lady, then he's ready to show the world that he is a sexual athlete and he wants to win. We do see the best Marcelo ever. He is able to pin and have his way with the much smaller opponent, Vanessa Vega. But Vanessa is turning into a great sex fighter and she is not going to let a big loser like Marcelo get his first W over her. These two are fighting for a lot right now. Both want to prove to the fans, they are great sex fighters. This match goes to a Tie breaker. One of these two sexual gladiators has to give in to the power of their opponent. One thing is for sure. Marcelo will get fucked in the butt, win or lose.

Tags: Blow Jobs CBT Choke Fucking Cum In Mouth Facesitting Foot Worship Orgasm on the Mat Pegging Reverse Head Scissors Spanking Tie Breakers Toe Sucking Winner Fucks Loser Woman Wins
Vanessa Vega vs Chad Diamond
Chad Diamond, Vanessa Vega
97 Photos, 41 min of video
Vanessa Vega is Always fun to watch. She hates being on the bottom and she hates losing. Chad loves rubbing in dominance to his opponents. He trash talks and teases his opponents so much that it lights a fire under their assess to try to win so they can make that man humble. Vanessa pulls out all the stops. She struggles underneath this man and refuses to lose. Can she do what it takes to take the cum from behind victory in round 3 by making Chad cum?

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum On Pussy Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Vanessa Vega vs Cody Carter
Cody Carter, Vanessa Vega
97 Photos, 39 min of video
Vanessa is so hot when she's angry and she is always angry when she's not winning. She has all the makings for a future champion. She has something that you can not teach, she has heart. She gives 120% of herself in every match. She picks up moves along the way and she is becoming a forcee to be reckoned with. She is a petite ALT MILF with cool tattoos and an all natural body. Cody Carter is a legit MMA athlete. He trains regularly so he knows what he's doing when it comes to grappling. I don't think Cody had any idea what he was going up against sexually with Vanessa. Vanessa brings her A game for this sex fight. She grabs cock, sucks cock and even tries to get some penetration of her own on Cody. These two sex athletes have amazing chemistry but at the end of the day, only one gets to take their prize

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Cum On Ass Fingers In The Pussy Leg Scissor Squeeze Male Wins Penetration Winner Fucks Loser
Vanessa Vega vs David Lee
David Lee, Vanessa Vega
128 Photos, 44 min of video
Vanessa Vega is on Fire today. She give the Pretty boy a run for his money. David Lee is an utter gentleman and a true martial artist. He is polite and really wants to assist his female opponent so that the game if more fun for him. Check out the BTS for this match to see Vanesse getting tips from Ariel and David to help her destroy her opponent today. David loves sexfighting. Win or lose, most combatants pretty much just look forward to round 4 where they get to fuck their formidable opponent. David goes a little easy on this athlete, tatted out babe but it's not like Vanessa needs his help. Vanessa is a bonafide sex fighter. She grabs dick, sucks dick, does anything and everything to the dick to make sure she score favor in the judges eyes and today she does just that. Vannessa puts on a beautiful sex fight clinic on David however David does out wrestle her. The styles of each of these fighters cancel each other out and this fight goes into a Tiebreaker. You will NOT believe the ending. The mutual sexual activity that is regulated for the tiebreaker round has both of these sex fighter athletes close to cumming in a matter of seconds. Vanessa pins David against the wall and we see...

Tags: Blow Jobs Cum On Ass Fit Women Humiliation Male Wins Penetration Squirting Tie Breakers Winner Fucks Loser
Foot Lover's Compilation
Amilia Onyx, Bella Rossi, Brandi Mae, Daisy Ducati
160 Photos, 62 min of video
This one goes out to all the foot lovers! Our wrestlers seem to love having their feet worshipped during the wrestling and the prize round and we enjoy watching it. Today we have compiled all the best foot action. All the toe sucking, foot licking, foot worship, shrimping, sole searching all in one place. The foot worship is foreplay and also enhances the rest of the fucking that often ends with creampies and cum on the feet and even lift and carry. Watch these athletes breath in the stinky air from the toes while it arouses them and makes them all cum.

Tags: Armpit Ass Eating Foot Domination Footjob Toe Sucking
Vanessa Vega vs Jason Michaels
Jason Michaels, Vanessa Vega
55 Photos, 39 min of video
Jason the Warrior Michaels has called out the Stunning Vanessa Vega for a sex fight. Vanessa is use to slapping fools on the street; her skills are a little different than what we usually see on our mats however, her heart and tenacity take her very far in the match against "the Warrior". This fight goes the distance. The winner choke fucks the loser. Vanessa Squirts all over Jason and then Jason's dick is emptied into Vanessa hot wet, battle ready pussy.

Tags: Blow Jobs Choke Fucking Creampie Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Muscle Worship Penetration Squirting Winner Fucks Loser
Vanessa Vega vs Rick Fantana
Rick Fantana, Vanessa Vega
119 Photos, 44 min of video
Rick Fantana has an evil villain living inside of him and today that villain comes out to play. Rick loves dominating beautiful women. Today we bring him a fresh edgy girl with long hair, all natural tits and some really beautiful ink. Vanessa Vega is a rising star here on Evolved. She may be small but she is feisty. She puts everything she has into this sex fight. She emotes a lot during this match and it's utter hot to hear her get so passionate while she wrestles. We have the making a real monster with this girl. These two grudge fuck each other in the prize round. It's hard to say who the real winner in all of this is today. Rick is on top, the Vanessa is on top, then they stand up and fuck then they lay day and fuck. These two fuck all over the place and it's an incredible display of power exchange. Winner has an orgasm on the loser's face.

Tags: Blow Jobs Facial Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Male Wins Winner Fucks Loser


Honestly my new favorite.
She should wrestle Will Tile.
Mark W.
She is so awesome I hope she returns!
Papi C
I hope to see more W’s for Vanessa quite the sexfighter in the making
She is legend of tiebreakers. I hope she will come fight more and make cum her opppnents. And may be she will make cum Nathan. ;))
I love her so much. It would be awesome to see her really be dominated and fucked during a match. She should definitely fight Nathan Bronson ;)
Vanni needs more vids/fights she’s so quick and sneaky with her size, but can also dom like a man
Love vanessa so much. she needs to do a rematch with David Lee. my fave match so far. and w/ davids losing streak I think Vanessa can win the rematch ;)
Size is not a matter for win she prove it she can win easily against big males more need orgassam on the mat