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Models / Ariel X

Avg Rating: 4.0

Ariel X Vital Stats:
Twitter:  @EvolvedFights
Age:  38
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  128 lbs
Wrestling Name:  Brazen Bull
Wins:  1
Losses:  0
Home town:  Los Angeles CA

Ariel X is the main referee and occasional Judge for evolved Fights. She does not perform in the mixed matches as a wrestler. She is a wrestler on the Lesbian Site.

Ariel X Updates

Ariel X vs Will Tile SFW No Sex
Ariel X, Will Tile
79 Photos, 65 min of video
This video is SFW, no nudity, no sex, with the COVID-19 closed production down for months but we are finding ways to bring you mixed wrestling content from our custom order vault. Today, Will Tile and Ariel X go toe to toe in semi competitive mixed wrestling. Will starts out pretty good but all his big strong muscles are eating up all his oxygen and his muscles lose their power which allows the little white girl to get on top and dominate the big strong black man.

Tags: Body Scissors Interracial Leg Scissor Squeeze Muscle Worship Reverse Head Scissors Woman Wins
Ariel X and Penny Barber
Ariel X, Penny Barber
43 Photos, 34 min of video
We aren't letting you go a week without some fucking. The wrestling released yesterday wasn't all we are giving you this week, this week we are uploading a bonus lesbian scene so you can see that sexy MILF Penny Barber having her way with a lesbian MILF in a nuru massage. Ariel X has signed up for a Nuru Massage with sexy, curvy MILF Penny Barber. The clothes come off, the oil goes on and hot lesbian passion ensues. Penny rubs her body all over Ariel's body, they kiss passionately. Penny uses everything she has to release Ariel. in order to get deep into the muscles without the client jerking around, Penny ties up Ariel in rope bondage to get extra deep. Penny puts all her finger inside Ariel and the fucks her ass with a strap on

Tags: Anal Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Strap On Fucking
Mistress Kara vs Jack Friday
Ariel X, Jack Friday, Mistress Kara
89 Photos, 74 min of video
This is sure to go down in history! We have two powerful wrestlers who do not submit to anyone but since they are on our mats with Winner fucks loser rules, Someone has to give it up today. Mistress Kara is undefeated in evolved fights. We don't give her too many matches because we always know how they are going to end. Shes going to beat up her male opponent and she's going to fuck them. Today she's taking on a military trained stud, Jack Friday. Jack is 200lbs of solid muscle. He likes to trash talk and tease his opponents while he's fighting them. This may come bite him in the ass later. This is a true battle. Neither wants to submit and give their sex up to the other. They fight their hearts out. This ending will surprise all of you. The winner dominates the loser, mentally, physically and sexually and when the loser tries to get bossy from the bottom, The winner puts the loser in their place properly!

Tags: Body Scissors Choke Fucking Cum Eating Male Wins Winner Fucks Loser


It would be fun if you set up a day us fans could meet the Amazons.
in the future we will most likely attend a porn convention where everyone can meet some of our models. But to set up a special convention out of pocket just isn't feasible.
You may be the only one that can beat Jack Friday. Perhaps you should break the rules and wrestle Jack?
Two Questions 1) Does Chloe Camilla wrestle anymore, is so she might be,a fun add to the site. 2) Have they considered tag team matches?
Chloe Camille hasn't wrestled in nearly a decade so she will not be appearing on the site. We will consider tag teams once the site starts making more money. Tag team matches would cost our company 2times what the normal shoots cost us to produce since there are 2 times the talent fees to pay out. There is no data yet that they will make us back 2times. The ROI needs to be worth the while for us. If we had money to burn that would be another story, but the site just launched so we still haven't recovered any profit to be able to invest into things like that. But it's not out of the question
Out of curiosity, why do you employ other porn stars (Dragonlily, Cheyenne, Kara) as referees? That can’t be cheap.
Ref rates aren't as high as the models who perform sex rates are. If there is no sex for the ref, their rates are very reasonable. I also save money by not having to hire a videographer if I am not reffing since I do the video work.
Will dragonlily be featured on this site or lez one anytime soon?
Just want to let you know that I love this site -- thank you!
we are so happy to have you on board!
sent an email in private
Would love to see you humiliate one of the unbeaten guys. I think you could take any of them!
I really like your bjj tips. I hope You will continue this in the future. I also think You are very hot!
Just a few suggestions, Veve Lane, Tia, Sativa Mist.
please understand that some models do not perform in porn videos. So while you may be big fans of said models, it doesn't mean they will do the videos you want to see them do
No sex fight vs will... Got excited, ended up disappointed
title was pretty clear this was no sex...also it's a bonus..i'm dissapointed you are disspointed because you did not read the title...its bonus..if you don't wanna watch a match with no sex, keep scrolling, we have hundreds of matches with sex. cheers.
Any upcoming fight we can expect from you?
Thank you for founding Evolved Fights and Evolved Fights Lez. Although I am much more partial to lesbian wrestling, you have done a great job making the EF site interesting for all the competing interests. With the exception of Ultimate Surrender, lesbian wrestling sites don't do a very good job of making the content interesting and competitive. You have taken up the banner and improved the scoring system. I have a suggestion for you that could potentially have a higher profit margin; bodybuilding competition where finishing any lower than first could put her in a very submissive position. You could probably make more with a gay male bodybuilding competition site - that's not my thing so I don't know. Models might be cheaper, judges cheaper and subscription price higher. In any event, sites like those could potentially provide the seed money for an EF or EFl tag team site. Just a thought. I admire you very much - a very smart business woman in what seems to be a very rotten industry in many respects
How can I watch more videos of you Ariel?
I have an entire site of my content www.submissivex.com thank you for your support
Is there any chance you’ll ever do a sex fight with a guy
I am also looking a chance
We all know who's the real star on this site is. It's ariel!! Shes stronger, more skilled and more beatiful than all other active females on this site. Yes, i know you have made a promise not to get involved with a male cock and not get fucked by a man in front of a camera. But no rule cannot be broken. The female rooster here is struggling and need some pro backup now. Its really about time for the big star to step onto the evolved mats for real. And you will not break an of your old rules if you wipe the mat with your male opponent, and you will do that of course. Please make this a reality soon. You had real good chemistry with david Lee in your lifting clip. This will be great.
Hi Ariel! Did you recently have a match against “Muscle Barbie?” Both of you are INCREDIBLY sexy and I would love to see it!!!
Yes but she has never wrestled before so it's just an exhibition match that will go on my website and then on the lez site as a holiday bonus.
Doing a penetration during a round tag would be cool
Margaret Thatcher
Have you considered doing an event like the one written about here: *URL removed* If you don't have time to read it the premise is a group of 5 girls have to get 5 guys each to cum inside them within an hour. Each girl has to get one guy to finish inside them to win and the guys win if any of them haven't came inside a girl in the hour and if a guy finishes inside a girl in the hour he can't participate for the rest of the hour